Good Night Sleep Tips


  1. Sleep on a mattress and pillow that fit you correctly. It is critical to a restful sleep.
  2. Keep a regular bedtime. Our bodies love routine and require it to maintain proper sleep cycles.
  3. Try to avoid napping through the day. Go to bed when sleepy rather than staying up. Your internal sleep clock will reset to its preferred time within a few nights.
  4. Currently, science shows that we require between 8 and 10.5 hours of restful sleep each night depending on age and gender.
  5. It has also been shown that the ideal sleep temperature of your room should be around 18C or 65F
  6. Keep your room as dark as possible. Eliminate LED lights especially Blue Light. It tricks the body into waking. A sleep mask can do wonders!
  7. Avoid eating 3 hours prior to bed as food needs time to metabolize. 
  8. Avoid caffeine after lunch as it can continue to stimulate the body up to 11 hours after drinking.
  9. Alcohol may make you drowsy and sleepy, however it will wake you through the night as it metabolizes the sugar and acts as a diuretic. Avoid drinking 1 to 2 hours before bed.
  10. Television, laptops, cell phones etc. near bedtime, can be detrimental to the bodies' natural evening sleep cycle.
  11. Science has proven that the poorer sleep we get, the faster we grow old, feel less well, fall ill to disease, put on weight, and become susceptible to issues related to brain function and memory.
  12. Proper diet and staying active, stretching, yoga, and other low impact exercises, will help us sleep more soundly and in turn give us more energy to enjoy life!