Your Most FAQ


Q.   Do I need to buy a box spring or can I just buy the mattress only?

A.   At Good Night Bed Company you can always purchase any of our mattresses as "mattress only". We simply remind our customers', that to ensure valid warranty coverage, their mattress must be properly supported as specified by the manufacturer for the duration of the mattress warranty. To avoid any uncertainty, please always consider purchasing the set. It was designed to work as one.

Q.   How much is delivery of our new set and do they take the old one away?

A.   At "Good Night", your local delivery and setup are free! The only exception being, our tremendously priced Cash and Carry sets. The removal of your old set can be arranged at any time prior to the day of delivery and is subject to a minimal charge by our delivery company. 

Q. We were told to get a firm mattress for back support but I can't stand the pain on my hip and my husband can't sleep on his side anymore and now snores on his back. We're not sleeping and considering separate beds and rooms. Can you help?

A. The short answer is yes! Our 1,2,3, fitment technique can help solve your current sleep issue. Proper mattress support and mattress firmness are actually two different things. We can provide a mattress that will give you proper spinal support as well as comfort and reduced pressure points on your body. This will allow you to maintain your normal sleep positions without the current discomfort. Excessively firm mattresses can actually cause spinal alignment issues, as well as increased pressure points on the shoulders, hips and knees. Increasing pressure points will cause you to constantly reposition through the night. This disrupts your natural sleep cycle and directly affects your health and well-being, not to mention your state of mind!